Chapter 16: The Best-Laid Plans for Hyena Men


The task would be daunting, even for a team of experienced monks. Somewhere in the Gnolls’ army camp hides the Fang, the lynchpin to the swelling horde. How could this group, largely composed of clumsy humans, find and eliminate this chief without falling to the army he’s created?

The army is camped in the Ashlands: open terrain, providing little cover for infiltration. They’ve ceased their progress towards Respite, and seem content for now to simply send out raiding parties for supplies and to calm the beasts’ bloodlust. And, unfortunately, take prisoners: clearly these are the humans that the Fang is transforming to grow his ranks. The Fang is wisely not leaving the safety of his army.

Various plans were concocted. Caleb’s divination powers are too limited in scope to cover the miles-wide camp. Some fool proposed we allow ourselves to be taken captive, as an easy one-way ticket to the Fang. Ultimately we decided that an invisible flyover for recon would be the safes first step.

But of course, complications arose. En route to the Tillerson family farm (a recent victim of a raid that we could track towards the camp), bandits struck. They were an undisciplined lot: an enslaved wizard, a handful of nobodies, and the one leader who seemed willing and able to fight. He fell quickly, and the wizard escaped. We convinced the remainder to show us to their (recently raided) cache and then leave to join the king’s army.

We tracked the gnolls that had raided said cache, and found that they weren’t just carrying twice-stolen goods. They had taken prisoners. Though its disappearance may increase alertness in the camp, and following a party of prisoners could be our easiest way of finding the Fang, clearly we could not take the chance. We have decided to launch a rescue mission. Tenaius has a supply of poison, and gnolls are known to scavenge: a treated, partially-eaten animal corpse in their path should make them easy pickings.



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