Chapter 7: a castle in the clouds


So last time I was telling you about how I started off adventuring with my friends. We ended up with the skull of Marrow to destroy and in the process enlisted the help of the monk Roshi, may he rest in peace.

We’d collected three moxen for Roshi‘s ritual and needed just one more — one that was guarded by a beholder. Nasty, evil, eye-monsters that they are, we tried to rig up a trap to pierce its main eye as soon as we defrosted it. That didn’t work out, but were able to defeat the beholder without much trouble anyway. It must have still been slightly frozen or something because it just wasn’t that mean; it barely affected us with its magic before I shattered it (and part of the cave) and it got skewered by a falling crystal. That wasn’t the coolest part though; the credit for that goes to Telsin and his epic wall-jump-three-hit-combo. Interestingly, with the beholder defeated, the purple crystals began to lose their luster; strange magic.

After working our way out of the old monk cave system/vault with an assist from an earth elemental, we headed up to the cloudsong monastery. Most beautiful location I’ve ever seen. Perched on this precipice high in the clouds… We were fortunate it was somewhat clear as we hiked up in the morning. Truly breathtaking views.

Entering the main monastery courtyard, we found we weren’t the only visitors to the old monastery. Some treasure hunter was there already… Beezil? Braxtil? Bordal? I think, Braxtil (shakes head) It’s not important. Anyway, he was there with some gargoyles looking for some ancient weapon fragments. As we were looking for a ritual chamber, we decided to let him do his own thing while we did ours. Then a third party showed up. The big bird folks disagreed with Braxtil. They fought. The birds lost. While we saved one, Braxtil vanished deeper into the monastery.

The courtyard featured three prominent doors: the path of peace, the path of enlightenment, and the path of awareness. We chose to explore the path of peace first. Ironically, the first thing we found down that dark, carved-stone route was three angry manticores. Telsin attempted parley, but they were not to be bargained with. We were forced to kill the evil beasts.

Oh goodness! Look at the time. I’ll have to tell you about the trial of peace later. Remind me to also tell you about the stories Roshi relayed to us before we headed up to the monastery. You’ll recognize the story I tell about uncle Yoshi and the moon. Oh, and one final thing! Before we went up to the monastery we received mail! Such a wonderful use of runic magic!



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