Escape from the prison of books

Excerpt from Tharn's Journal

FINALLY! We have Finally escaped that horrible hallway. After some deliberation, we decided that there was probably a hidden door somewhere between our starting position and the acid. There must be, right? A thorough search (we had all the time in the world, and probably then some) turned up nothing. HOW???

Next we tried to stretch the boundaries by having a continuous connection between inside the loop and an increasingly distant Lucky. He didn’t live up to his name. Each time we tried something, we had to memorize titles so we could compare… “Fantastical Beast Magic and Where to Find it”, “Ancient Farmhouse Architecture”, “Feudal Riots of the Late Pyrranic Empire”, “The Life of the Wealthy Duchess of Kinesia and Her Very Different Daughters” (I think someone must have been drunk when naming that one).

At one point, I carefully made my way through the lightning trap and then… we reset the hallway. I hate this library.

We then let Lucky loose, and he went through the hallway and pulled all the books from the shelves. Normally I would object to this, but these books deserve it. Daevon claimed to have a brilliant plan, but refused to tell us. We trusted him, and followed him to the wind trap. He triggered it, and from there, we managed to hit every other trap in the hallway. Some plan!

But this time, before the hallway reset, we heard a creaking sound and some falling books. A door must have opened! (At that point, anything would have sounded like a door).

This time, we carefully piled books between each pair of shelves so that any opening door would knock one over, allowing us to easily see where the door was. We then proceeded to activate each trap, and once we had disarmed the lightning barrier, we heard a click and a creak, and one of the piles of books fell over. We had escaped library hell! As “souvenirs”, Lucky and I each took a book from the pile. Lucky has “Top 40 Tavern Hits,” and I have the fitting “The Man Who Would Burn the World.”

Unfortunately, we weren’t out yet. We followed a well kept passageway to a large room, the center of which is occupied by a sphinx. As in my parents’ stories, the sphinx offered us a challenge: answer its riddle correctly and pass through unharmed. The alternative was never stated, but nevertheless seemed quite clear.

Before agreeing to the challenge, we asked the sphinx to tell us where we were. Its answer was simply “The Lacuna.” With the other option being return to the never-ending hallway, we decided to take the challenge, and sleep on the riddle. “You are trapped in a dungeon devised by your enemies. There are two paths in front of you. Down one, an obsidian dragon waits to burn you with its breath. The other is lined with mirrors which reflect the sun and will scorch you to death. How do you escape safely?” I would turn around, but we will sleep and discuss this when we awake.



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