Two years ago the day began as it had many times before. The sun rose over the auburn trees on the first real day of autumn. It bloomed in the skies like a beacon of light, bathing the treetops in the golden light of a dancing flame. It brought the warmth of hope to seven heroes grouped outside a black fortress. With a solemn, shared look they moved, one by one, through immense, dark gates. The trapped citizens of the city averted their eyes and did not dare to hope.

The battle was fierce, but not long. Terrifying creatures of darkness escaped from the black fortress, and the trapped citizens of the city hid, but could not hide their sudden hope. When most of the heroes emerged, they rallied the farmers, peasants, and prisoners of the liberated city. There were tears in the eyes of the surviving heroes as Daren and Glissana Skysword stepped forward to speak.

By ancient birthright and righteous might we release these lands from the thrall of the Necromancer King! He roared to his people, We will build a new kingdom! Together! Kast shall never break again!

As she stepped forward to speak there was softness and too much sorrow in her stance. When her words wouldn’t come there was a moment of silence that spread through the crowd, remembering the many fallen. Holding hands with her surviving friends and allies, she found her voice. His last words were, “You will FAIL…” but we did not. She surveyed the silent crowd. With a sweeping gesture that includes everyone in the crowd, she continued, Our families and communities require us to be stronger now than ever before. His last words were, “You will FAIL…” but we cannot. She held tightly to her Husband’s hand and unconsciously, slowly rubbed her stomach. Let our children’s children defy him still! His last words were, “You will FAIL…” but we will not.

Though two years have passed, not a soul in that crowd ever forgot the first moments they were truly free.


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