Chapter 11: Murder on the Rue Arrant

Tuiz, in a Room in the Lilith Memorial Library

“Let’s start with what we know. My mentor, Miranya, who just last week was making alchemical breakthroughs, was found dead in the street a block from the hospital. It looked like she’d been mauled by some animal — she was covered in gashes. Her sleeve poison had been used, but her dagger wasn’t drawn, so she must have been caught by some surprise but not totally. The satchel containing her notes, that she almost always keeps with her, was missing.

That’s about all we know. Let’s consider suspects.

I think we can rule out a random killing. A beast wouldn’t have taken her satchel, and a thief would have taken more of her stuff. It was probably one of her enemies.

It could be one the necromancer king’s undead lieutenants. The brutality and exposed location doesn’t seem like Pendergath’s work, though it could be that he’s trying to send some message with how he did it. It might be Sable — he’s never liked the blood hunters. Though I wouldn’t expect him to be working by day. Maybe it was one of Woodheart’s twisted experiments? It could be any of them.

I guess it could be related to this gnoll trouble? We ran into that band on the plateau, and word in the city is that gnolls in the north are getting almost organized. Maybe whoever is leading them (it could be Brunt… hmmm) maybe whoever it was sent a gnoll assassin in to take out a threat.

It could be one of the Crips. There’s rumors of more fighting than usual between them and the Bloods lately. I didn’t think that sort of street fighting would reach up to Miranya, but it definitely could be.

It could have been political? The election is coming right up, and some might kill over it. We happened to run into both Eimead and Natalie Ash earlier in the day in the streets, separately. Eimead’s bastardly enough to do something like this, but I don’t know what he has against Miranya, unless he killed her just to get at me, which doesn’t seem likely. His connections with the merchants of the city certainly give him a chance to hire someone to do something like this. Natalie Ash is the sort of fancy pants noble who doesn’t think the lives of little people matter, so she could have done it, but I don’t think she had any motive. I should check if Miranya was getting involved in politics, and maybe got on someone’s bad side.

Those are all the suspects I can think of. I suppose we can quickly run through alibis. It seems like she was probably killed while we were in Yewellar’s shop buying masks. But in case it was earlier than that, let me refresh my memory of where we went, going backwards. Before Yewellar’s we were shopping for magic items in the Codex’cade, at the Broken Binding and The Quill is Mightier. It was there we bumped into Natalie Ash. Before lunch we were shopping for clothing, which is were we saw Eimead.

Probably we should look for witnesses. It was the middle of the street in broad daylight, and it didn’t look like she went down quietly. We’ll also see if Matrim knows anything, or can tell me more about what the blood hunters have been up to. Assuming Caleb’s street rat friends find him and—.”

Lucky pokes his head in the door. “Hey Tuiz, are you talking to yourself?”

“What? No. I mean, yes, kind of. Sometimes when I have to think about something tricky it helps to talk it through.”

“Alright, I wasn’t judging you. Sometimes I talk to myself too. But you probably should get some rest, it’s been a rough day.”

“I will soon. Good night.”

“G’night.” Lucky left.

Tuiz turned his attention back to the glaive in his lap. “So anyhway Arglarnorogh, that’s what I know. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to stick you in the belly of whoever did this.”



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