Free Monk


Medium Human monk 6 (Way of the open hand)
AC 16 (+3 wis, +3 dex)
HP 36
Speed 45
str 10 +0 (sav prof)
dex 17 +3 (sav prof)
con 13 +1
int 12 +1
wis 16 +3
cha 8 -1

Acrobatics, Stealth, Medicine, Religion, Investigation, Herbalism Kit, ???

2x Unarmed strike+6 1d6+3
2x thrown+6 1d3+3

5ki (regained at short or long rest)
1ki – Step of the Wind (double jump)
1ki – Patient Defense (Dodge action as bonus)
1ki – flurry of blows (2 unarmed attacks as bonus)
1ki – thunder arm (1 ranged attack with +1d6 lightning damage as bonus)
1ki – stunning fist (after hitting in melee, DC 14 con vs stunned until your next turn’s end)

Reaction to catch a missile (1d10+8 vs dmg, reduce to 0 to throw back for 1ki)
Reaction to add +3 to AC vs melee attack
1/long rest Wholeness of Body for 3x(monk level) HP as an action
Trouble discerning the color purple

Blinkback Belt
A set of clips is attached to this segmented belt constructed of metallic links. Up to four light melee weapons can be hung from the belt in straps or sheaths. When the wearer draws a weapon attached to this belt and throws it, the weapon blinks back to the belt in a tiny puff of smoke after the attack.

Roshi’s scrolls, Mother’s scarf

Holy Water, Antivenom


Once the favored pupil of a young Master Roshi, she matured into an elite student of the Earthsong Monastery. The Necromancer King attacked the school, seeking lessons of his own, but ended up slaughtering everyone and destroying the school….

Taken as a prize of his grim conquest by the Necromancer King and trapped (able to see out and think, but physically impervious to time) for centuries, Fourth’s human mind forgot even her own name. Meditating on giving up completely and fading away to nothing, unexpectedly she found the inner strength of her masters before her. That alone kept her alive through the many, many years. With the fall of the Necromancer King her prison was shattered and Fourth is free. Finding only shreds of her identity, she returned to ruined home to discover the fate of any other survivors. She encountered a mentally-unstable Roshi, a broken shadow of his former self, but remained behind to learn as much as she could about the history of the Earthsong. Shedding her lost past and identity, her only goal is to grow strong enough to found a new monastery after she masters her own style she calls Cloudsong.


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