Chapter 9: Ritual of Balance


The primary goal of this précis is to accurately capture the Ritual of Balance used to ultimately banish Marrow from our plane of existence. We intend to explore not only the gross facts within that purview but also the greater significance of these events vis–à–vis those theories most well presented in [?],[?], and [?].

Our primary subjects of consideration are those considered in the previous monograph [L].

Pre-Dawn Pre-Ritual

Details suppressed due to the hour.

Minnow Out Evil

Pun based record destruction.

Marrow and Friends

Too many enemies to easily describe.


A russian nesting doll of pain, as la [Rr].


Endings but French [PL].

Concluding Remarks

The conflict was so epic as to prevent simple description, hence the lack of description presented above following the tenets of [SB].

[SB] Stinson, B. Legen….
[LP] Le Peu, Pepe. Everything is Fancier when Frenchified.
[KR] Kukla, R., Kukl, R., Kuk, R. et al. It is What is on the Inside of the Inside That Counts.



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