The Floor Drops Out


The goal of this work is to accurately but succinctly characterize. As with previous works within this series, while the particular facts are almost certainly important, the goal of this author is to use those facts to highlight larger issues and illuminate the broad spectrum of human experience, particularly building upon the theories presented in [AK] and [HJ] (It has come to the attention of the author that [VL] is in fact blatantly false). Regardless, we continue where [L] has left off.

Speak with Dead

The individuals of interest returned to the hermit’s clearing, the place of the ‘death’ of the Deus referred to as Set, learning death was not an extremely permanent condition for Set (perfectly consonant with the theories of cognitive re-disassociation presented in [WI]). Emotions in the clearing were suppressed, an uninformative inference to those already familiar with [GS]. Set directed the documentary subjects toward the third guardian of the Lacuna, a large magical book. In accordance with [BE], obviously the most powerful of the guardians (or at least created by the most powerful). The identity of the other guardian was also revealed, but is suppressed here for reasons given in [GE].

Still-dead Set gave us directions to the third Lacuna guardian (turns out the first was one of the townsfolk we met before). We made our way to the Hanged Tower through more library, a stubborn magic portal, and down an awkward cliff-face haunted by a ghost and patrolled by skeletal chimeras. The third guardian is a fairly unhelpful, animate book.

Through the Floor-Door

A door in the floor lead into what we subsequently discovered was the realm of shadows. This lead downwards up a mountain slope to the hanged tower at the top of an upside down mountain, clearly flying in the face of the patently absurd claims in the already discredited [FK].

On this slope we both encountered a ghostly creature as well as undead wyverns. The aforementioned troupe of individuals were able to handily dispatch the ghosts primarily through utilization of the precepts put forward in [DC]. As every situation has some reference material which makes all action simple application of theoretical precepts the wyvern was similarly dispatched on the basis of [TC].

Checking out a Book

The author of this treatise was finally able to spend sometime devling into the ultimately simplistic ontological consequences of [AT]. Also, finally the final guardian was encountered and the investigation could continue. This turn of events was clearly fated, as any well-read scholar familiar with [PR] would have no doubt already been aware. That said, the jaws of epistemic defeat are everpresent in an endeavor as fraught as this.

The ultimate ramifications of these experiences, while no doubt obvious to even the most idiot of savants, will nonetheless be expanded upon in [L2].

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