((Pronounced “DAY-oos”
Singular: Dei “DAY”))

Deus (sometimes called mythkin or numen) are commonplace, if not quite prevalent, in Kast. One of the oldest textbooks, believed to be the work of Tivor Loreseeker himself, calls them manifestations of the interconnecting energy of the universe. they are not separate from nature, but part of nature, possessing positive and negative, good and evil characteristics.

Each Dei embodies the characteristics of one of the nearby planes. Deus from the abutting planes — the Feywild and the Shadowfell — are the most common and are generally thought to be the least potent.

Only the most powerful Dei can manifest from the farther elemental planes or the alignment planes so those that appear are titanic reservoirs of power thought of as the gods of Kast.

Some of the most significant Dei, religiously, are:
Telluria, the earth-mother
Pyrah, the kindle-heart
Meteo, the sky-sentinel (also called rain-keeper by superstitious farm folk)
each representing a titan from an inner plane (earth, fire, and water respectively)
The Deus of the winds were lost long ago according to legend (hence the phrase to chase the wind commonly means to go in search of something which cannot be found)

Everyone, superstitious or otherwise, is careful to whisper the name Dere’thax, for his breath is darkness and emptiness and loneliness are his wings. Those same people are, naturally, quick to praise Lucem for every dawn that brings hope and love to us all.


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