Stormcrown Crusade

A band of heroes who succeeded in their ultimate goal: overthrowing the Necromancer King and restoring peace and justice to the land of Kast!

Among their publicly visible surviving members are King Daren and Queen Glissana Skysword and Oddward Shadowbane.

Well known in the city of Glissana, at least, are Lilith Steelrune and Edwald Highborn who gave their lives in the final battle against the Necromancer King.

The whereabouts of the final two members of the party Proffex Grimore and Iris Redmist are currently unknown as they have taken up no political position within the empire after the party separated.

Now scattered across Kast, their crusade has largely been replaced with the daily tasks of building and running an actual kingdom.

Stormcrown Crusade

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