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Hello and welcome to Glissana, humble adventurer!
Many like you have come forward in recent years to help found this new kingdom.

You look like you have a keen mind, perhaps the best place to start would be the newly opened Lilith Memorial Library in the Crown District?

True, not every keen mind thrives in such a dusty place. If you seek a more …ahem lively atmosphere, perhaps you’d prefer to try your luck at the infamous Caved Inn of the Silver District?
For a more reputable evening, many fine establishments along the Gilded Run offers stunning views of the city, lavish dining and unique entertainment.

Ah, perhaps a little too lively. A quiet and peaceful stroll around one of the of the many parks of the Cemetery District might suit you.

If you’re interested in opportunities, new storefronts and homes are available now in the newest district, the Keystone.
I recommend you visit the Stade on a gaming day and cheer (or bet) on a team of champions in a match of Triple Deus Highlander.

Main Page

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